A Swiss rapper raises a political storm

The first Swiss rapper to achieve the highest record sales made headlines with his attacks on the right-wing nationalist minister Christoph Blocher.

This content was published on March 12, 2007 – 20:30 March 12, 2007 – 20:30 For Stress, the difficulties faced by Switzerland in the areas of integration and youth herald difficult years. Interview.

Born Andres Andrekson in Estonia, Stress came to Switzerland at the age of 12. The release of his third album (‘Renacimiento’), last month, in which he mixes hip hop, rock, soul and pop sparked controversy. Already in 2003, with his title ‘F * ck Blocher’, the 29-year-old rapper had managed to unsettle the supporters of Justice Minister Christoph Blocher (anti-immigration) and his party (Democratic Union Nationalist Center / Right). This 2007 his burden is no less.

This time, in the video entitled ‘But where?’, Stress does not hesitate to ‘deflower’ the minister. He also launches himself to the defense of a youth that he considers slandered and misunderstood.

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