From today you can travel stopped on trains and buses of the AMBA

Automotive passenger transport services may transport up to 10 people standing inside the vehicle, while in rail transport it may circulate with one passenger standing per square meter in the available free spaces. It was enabled only for peak hours With the return to schools of the Buenos Aires students, in the midst of a climate of wide easing of quarantine in the AMBA and with a record of 1.9 million passengers last weekend, the Government decided to put strong pressure on companies of transport so that they comply with a service regime of 100% of the frequencies of the units on the street under the strong threat of imposing severe fines.

As of today, the Ministry of Transportation of the Nation, in charge of Mario Meoni, determined that the automotive passenger transport services (collectives) may transport up to 10 people standing inside the vehicle and rail transport (trains) may circulate with one passenger standing still. per square meter in available free spaces. It was enabled only for peak hours: from 7 to 10, and from 17 to 20 hours. In this sense, it should be remembered that passengers authorized to use automotive and rail transport continue to be those who have the unique Enabling Certificate for Circulation – Covid 19 Emergency or display the permit issued by the “CUIDAR” application on their mobile device.

The measure, which came into effect from 00:00 this Friday, obliges the companies that provide services to guarantee the maximum frequency of their services, have proper ventilation in vehicles and circulate exclusively with passengers affected by activities declared essential. and / or reached by exceptions to the restrictions and / or teaching staff, non-teaching staff and students who must attend face-to-face academic activities. In addition, they must take extreme precautions for the disinfection and hygiene of the vehicles and in all cases they will have to demand the mandatory use of protective elements that cover the nose, mouth and chin throughout the trip and at bus stops and stations.

The National Transport Regulation Commission (CNRT) will be in charge of supervising that all requirements are met and, in case of finding irregularities, it may sanction the companies. From early on, CNRT personnel reinforced the control and compliance controls with the new provision of the Ministry of Transportation in the transfer centers of Retiro, Once and Constitución, Passenger record According to official data from the Ministry of Transport, last weekend there was a record number of passengers in the AMBA’s public transport with 1.9 million people in public transport. While 1,223,000 passengers traveled on Saturday, another 682,000 on Sunday on trains, subways and buses. Strictly speaking, these numbers were not seen since last March.

For example, the weekend before the presidential decree of strict quarantine throughout the country and when people were still circulating normally, there were 1.5 million people in the metropolitan area, a figure below the end of week that passed. On average, 46% of users used public transportation in the last weekend compared to an average weekend prior to isolation. They did not reach the 4.2 million people who circulated daily before the quarantine, but it turns out to be a fact that worries the Government because this could trigger the wave of infections in the AMBA that until now had been controlled.

Until now, October is the month with the highest number of passengers in the AMBA on public transport. The average of last month was 809,954 passengers while in September there were 653,193; in August an average of 563,674 and in April, when the quarantine was strict in the AMBA, the average passengers were 409,954. In October, 62% of the people who used public transport did so within Greater Buenos Aires, 19% within the City, 15% from the province to the City and 3% from CABA to the province. Keep reading: Pity Álvarez has covid-19 and will not be able to return to the Ezeiza prison until he leaves the isolation period Monitors must report the meetings of more than 10 people in the province of Buenos Aires Voting in a pandemic: who is the Cordovan doctor who can win the PJ the first election of the year Pfizer vs Sputnik: the duel of the two vaccines that already spoke of their effectiveness An Argentine volunteer for the Pfizer vaccine after the tests: “They will check me in February”

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